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London Scenic Picture Rewards

Besides drawing attention to insider and fun London activities the idea of London discovery maps is to create a different and more dynamic way of visiting London - with a hint of 'geo-caching'!

Compared to geo-caching there is nothing waiting for you at the London sight or attraction but you can proof your visits and get a little souvenir - the Travel Clever & Beyond scenic picture reward.

scenic picture rewards

The concept in more detail

  • each discovery map reveals London sights, attractions, pubs or restaurants according to its theme (no entrances are included).
  • how many London sites or attraction you are visiting is completly up to you.
  • when you proof your visits as per instructions in your discovery map, a scenic London picture will be emailed to you certifying your discoveries
  • proofing your visit in order to receive the scenic picture reward is completely optional and no must! In case you don't, no scenic picture reward will be send to you.